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Better Together starts with direct, open and honest communication throughout our Firm. Our core values of integrity, family and clients are only met if we continuously improve and have open communication at all levels. If you have feedback or ideas about how to improve the firm or client service, stop by any partner’s office, drop a note in one of our suggestion boxes or speak to your Associate Council member, which is designed to act as the associates’ collective voice to the partner group. Feedback is critical to our success and your opinion is valued at Bennett Thrasher.

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Jane Klingmeyer | Bennett Thrasher Careers
It is motivating to work where you have confidence in the partner group, know your opinions are valued, and don’t fear having direct, open and honest communication at every level.
– Jane Klingmeyer
Sam Heberton | Bennett Thrasher Careers
I feel comfortable walking into any partners’ office and I have never been dismissed or made feel like my opinion was not valued.
– Sam Heberton
Here at BT, our leadership is always looking for ways to improve the associate and client experience. Your input is valued and appreciated and you’re always encouraged to speak up.
– Eboni Moss
Drew Bloch | Bennett Thrasher Careers
BT is a place where I feel both challenged and supported. We have a family-like environment that allows our employees to grow, both professionally and personally.
– Drew Bloch

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